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Integrity Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners will leave your carpets fresh and clean safely and effectively, no matter what the type or style.

Safe, non-toxic formula without the obnoxious odors 

Our non-toxic general cleaner is not only safe for kids and pets, it is safe for moms and dads -- and its nearly odor-free! A real benefit for folks with chemical or odor sensitivities.

Most spots and stains simply disappear

Our general cleaner quickly and safely penetrates and loosens soils in your carpets. Most spots are then quickly and easily removed without the surprise and expense of additional "pre-spotting" or "pre-conditioning" charges.

Carpets stay cleaner longer

We use products specially formulated to rinse easily and completely. We then take special care to thoroughly flush both cleaners and soils from your carpet. With no sticky residue, your carpets stay cleaner longer.

Convenient, fast drying Our training and extra care assures your carpet dries quickly. We leave plastic shoe covers for you to use until your carpet is dry making Integrity an ideal choice for hectic households and busy commercial environments.

NO hidden charges, NO hidden surprises 

Why do so many companies charge one price to clean the carpet and another to spray soap on the spots? We promise NO hidden or confusing pre-spotting or pre-conditioning charges for the normal everyday spots and spills. If there’s an additional charge for a difficult stain or an unusual situation, we’ll tell you about it upfront.

And to help keep it looking great…

We recommend Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector it’s the effective and affordable way to restore and maintain the stain resistant properties of your carpet.

We specialize in:

Safe and non-toxic**fast drying with no sticky residues**no obnoxious odors**and a complete satisfaction guarantee.

We’ll leave you saying “Now that’s Integrity! We guarantee it!

Give Us A Call So We Can Show You Why

We Are Called Integrity! (408) 379-1440

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